Our Story

TrekPac was conceived as the culmination of a decade-long journey of mentorship and support from Nathan Foster's teachings. A pivotal moment in my life occurred at the end of 2019 when I experienced a stroke, which profoundly changed my perspective. During my recovery, I had the privilege of spending time with an exceptional hunting guide named Zane, and as retirement approached, I felt compelled to share more of my story.

For the past several years, I had been diligently attempting to acquire another MatchGrade kit from Nathan, as I had relied on his product for all my equipment bedding needs. Unfortunately, every time we discussed placing an order, the response was always, "I am unable to send it to you." However, in 2021, I embarked on a guided hunting expedition into the Alpine region in pursuit of the elusive Sambar, both for sustenance and as a trophy. During this remarkable journey, an idea took shape: establishing an online store to offer the MatchGrade Epoxy kits for purchase within Australia.

Upon my return, I contacted Nathan and expressed my desire to obtain the kits. He explained that the only way would be to purchase a commercial quantity that would be shipped on a pallet. However, he suggested that if I were to do so, I should consider adding a few other items to the website as well. With that conversation in mind, I hung up the phone and began contemplating the possibilities.

While on my adventure, I noticed that Zane carried a leather belt adorned with various handcrafted leather and canvas accessories. Intrigued, I inquired about their origin, and he informed me that he personally crafted those items. Impressed by their quality and aesthetics, I asked Zane how many does he sell a year, he replied only half a dozen really when a client wants one. I approached Zane with the idea of him creating these products for me to sell on my website. To my delight, he agreed, and I promptly placed an initial order. I feel good because I am helping a honest farmer and he is helping me.

Obtaining the most recent MatchGrade kit through this process may have been an expensive endeavor, but the product's exceptional quality and the craftsmanship of the leather goods made it an unequivocal decision.

As retirement approached, I felt the need to engage in meaningful endeavors and keep myself occupied. Thus, TrekPac was born, as a platform to share my passion and provide valuable products to outdoor enthusiasts.

I need to keep myself a little busy in retirement.


-- Craig Prior, owner and founder of TrekPac